Add online ordering capabilities to your restaurant

In order to facilitate the growth and smooth operation of local restaurants’ take out and delivery services, Good to Go! has secured funding for the development of online ordering. The development of online ordering will be provided at little or no cost to qualified local restaurants*. The estimated value of this free service is $1,500 per restaurant.

We are currently looking for a minimum of ten local restaurants to participate.

How will this work?

If you own or operate a qualified* local restaurant and would like to add online ordering for your restaurant, contact us via the form below and send us a digital copy of your menu or a link to your online menu.

Submissions will be reviewed in the order they are received and will be completed on a first come, first served basis until the current funding is exhausted.

Due to the large variations in the sizes and complexity of menus among local restaurants, we will limit the free data entry for each restaurant to 75 menu items and up to 10 beverage choices. Participating properties will have the option to add additional menu items themselves through a user-friendly content management system, or they can pay us to add them at $15 per entry.

Online Ordering will include the following features:

  • Link from the restaurant’s site to a subdomain of the Range Good to Go site
  • Easy to read menu which will function on desktop, tablet or smart phone
  • Shopping cart programming to allow user to select menu items and beverages
  • Restaurant owners or managers will be given access to their online ordering menus to make updates and changes
  • Check-out will total the order and allow the user to pay with PayPal or potentially a credit card through
  • Order notifications will be sent to restaurants via text message or email with order details or a link to view order via website

Note: Participating restaurants will need an on-site tablet, desktop, laptop or smart phone with WIFI access to receive and process orders. They will not need to purchase or download any software.

Qualifications for participating restaurants:

In order to qualify for free online ordering development, your restaurant must be:

  • Located in the Greater Iron Range Area
  • Currently open for business
  • Currently offering either takeout, curbside pick up or delivery services

Will there ever be a cost for online ordering?

As long as the online menu we build for you is limited to 75 menu items and 10 beverages or less, there will be no cost for the initial set up.

Good to Go! will also host your listing and online ordering system for a minimum of one year at no charge.

If you require any changes to your online menu, you can make these changes yourself with the login that will be provided to you. If you prefer to have us make any changes there may or may not be a nominal fee depending on available funding.

Since our funding was provided for assistance during the COVID-19 outbreak, we are operating under the assumption that at some point, the site will have to be transitioned to a fee-for-services basis. At that time, you will be notified and given the option of continuing your online ordering system for a nominal annual fee or discontinuing the service.

Your online restaurant listing will remain free for as long as the Good to Go! website is in service.